About us

Sonic Bazar is the name of the band of Ria Roerdink and Jan Hoenselaar. We started to make music January 2015. First under the name of ‘Poetry Songs’; since September 2021 it’s ‘Sonic Bazar’. From the beginning on we are interested in sounds; sounds of spaces, sounds of materials, of iron balls rolling over the wall, of egg shells, of huge pan covers, of whistles and drums, organ pipes, together with ‘regular’ instruments. Being an artist Ria starts to make ‘instruments’, soon joined by Jan; the instruments, like ‘The Percussion Trolley’, are used during performances.

Until now, almost all the songs are written by Ria; being a poet for 27 years, it seemed a natural thing to do. To make the transition from poem to lyrics is quite a journey. We complement each other very well working on the lyrics; Jan adding more realistic elements and Ria more abstract dimensions.

Jan is playing almost all the instruments: guitar, bass guitar, cigarbox, synthesizer, keyboard, harmonica, accordion, sounds, percussion. Ria is using more the sounds from covers and whistles, iron balls, and organ pipes drums, thin whistle, percussion.

In March 2020 the recordings for our first album were ready. And then there was Corona. Since then we have been making new songs or making new versions of songs over and over again; another great journey.
Now, two years later, the recordings are almost done. The music has changed very much; it’s new, intense, without compromise.
The release of our first album, “Walk barefoot over rocks and broken glass” will be in Summer of 2022.

And again there was a slight delay. Since the summer of 2022 we have been busy working on songs, sometimes making new versions. The new date of the release of our album is planned in Spring of this year.