gedichten in de Engelse taal en tekeningen

Running footsteps - near here

De bundel bestaat uit gedichten geschreven in het Engels en tekeningen. Hieronder volgt een gedicht en een tekening:

not old simply old end, looking at old looking at the end
the dinner is finished, the last pieces thrown at the dogs
mangling sounds from the bushes are terrifying
in rage there is no choice
leaves turn red, the victor carries his ear between his jaws
mysterious dinners on battlefields, leaving without a trace
a man in an old corpse an old corpse a man

a tragedy a feast parading all along the highway
long line of history
burned flash
forgotten daydreams, old nails scratch the last hair
not needing not needed, false perspectives live
the bird lost it's head, the parade passed
hair whirled around
a parade without a head, trumpets carried along; we don't hear it
voices died down, a bird carried along
feathers' blood eaten away
blue shield poor dreams
statues erected on borderlines
marbled faces take the cost as they are digging

in line, traces fade rememberring
it's settled in dust, dusk faces
a thousand faces left a man in a corpse an old corpse a man